Crystallics licenses X-ray powder diffraction technology
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 15 June 2011 – Crystallics announces a license agreement with Avantium Holding for high throughput X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) technology. XRPD technology is widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to analyze and characterize solid materials.

Avantium Holding has developed a number of patents relating to the use of XRPD technology, including the vertical transmission diffraction analysis which together with rotation of beam and detector requires less amount of sample and vastly reduces the measuring time for a sample. Crystallics has secured a license from Avantium Holding to be able to use this technology in its solid state and preformulation services.

The XRPD technology and a number of in-house developed laboratory informatics, data analysis and software tools, such as Aspect, Crystallics Lite and e-Notebook and reporting, sets Crystallics aside from the competition by contributing to a unique product and service offering for the pharmaceutical industry.

About Crystallics: Crystallics is a science driven contract research organization specializing in pre-formulation and identification of the physical forms of drug substances, including polymorphs, salts, cocrystals and amorphous phases. Screening, characterization and selection of solid forms, as well as crystallization process development and optimization are the main focus. Crystallics’ services include:

  • Polymorph / salt / cocrystal screening 
  • Amorphous solid dispersions 
  • Solid form selection and characterization 
  • Preformulation studies 
  • Crystallization process development and optimization 
  • Intellectual Property consultancy

For more information about Crystallics, please visit or contact Gunnar Staaf on +31 20 8202690.