Spin out
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 19 April 2011, Avantium Holding B.V. has today announced that it has spun off its pharmaceutical acitivities in Crystallics B.V. Crystallics will be a new, independent, global services and product development company with a specific expertise in solid state research.

The company specializes in in the optimization of drug substance physical forms for the pharmaceutical industry. The solid state research services span multiple stages of the drug development lifecycle. Already in an early, preclinical stage polymorph screening and salt screening services can assist in identifying the optimal solid form for a given compound to be used for further development and clinical trials. For compounds that are difficult to crystallize, alternative routes can be investigated such as cocrystallization and stabilization of the amorphous form. Typically during phase II clinical trials, increased attention is placed on enhancing patent protection. Comprehensive screening programs are the basis for a successful patent strategy and potential patent extension. Parallel to (pre)clinical drug development, the crystallization process is developed and optimized with regard to for example yield, particle size and/or bulk density to facilitate processing and formulation.

The product development team of Crystallics aims to create value for the company by developing products that have significant clinical and patient benefits. The strategy is to enable these benefits via novel solid forms of currently marketed drugs in combination with alternative formulations or delivery routes. A novel solid form with suitable properties is often the key to successful development of novel formulations or alternative administration routes that enhance the therapeutic application of a drug product. Crystallics has a proven track record in the identification of novel solid forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients which include polymorphs, salts, cocrystals and amorphous solid dispersions.