Large and medium pharma
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Over the last decade Crystallics has provided form screening and selection, preformulation and formulation design services for the majority of Top 20 pharmaceutical companies as well as many of the medium sized companies. We support customers that have their own teams when they are facing internal capacity shortage. This support is available with short timelines ensuring that the development project stays on track. We also work together with customer’s internal teams and support them in difficult projects which require specialized approaches and deep knowledge and expertise. Specifically for companies that have drugs on the market, we have developed the capability to advise customers on analysis and identification of counterfeit products by utilizing techniques such as Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.

Crystallics works with many medium sized pharmaceutical companies which have strategically decided that solid state, preformulation and/or formulation design are not functions they will deliver internally. As their outsourcing partner we are able to provide the capacity and expertise in these areas of research to allow the customer to meet their needs for various projects. Using our staff only when required has clear benefits of reducing fixed costs. Often the outsourcing model with medium size companies lead to a preferred partnership where customers can benefit from competitive pricing, speed of project implementation and clear communication (see the preferred partnership section).