Why choose us?
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Over 16 years experience.....unique and proprietary technologies.....strong customer focus.....are some of the reasons to choose Crystallics as your partner.

Crystallics operates from state of the art purpose built laboratories in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and our services are based on unique and proprietary hardware and software technologies.

These unique and proprietary technologies together with strong customer focus has established Crystallics as a leader in solid form identification and selection, preformulation and formulation design.

Here are some reasons for choosing Crystallics:

  • o Crystallics has over 16 years of experience as a CRO and our current Project Leaders and Technologists have on average over 6 years of experience working for Crystallics.
  • o Licenses of proprietary X-ray powder diffraction technology with vertical transmission analysis and proprietary ‘shaking’ method of the well plate (x,y movement) which vastly reduces the measuring time per sample.   Crystallics is the only contract research organization which holds a license from the inventor to use these technologies.
  • o Crystallics has developed a number of in-house laboratory informatics, data analysis and software tools, such as Aspect, Crystallics Lite and e-Notebook, which deliver fast and efficient analysis as well as ease of data interpretation.
  • o Uniquely integrated crystallization workflow.
  • o Flexibility in screen size, experimental set-up, reporting and business model.
  • o Comprehensive and clear reports with focus on conclusions and recommendations.
  • o Ability to work with high-potent substances and controlled substances.
  • o Smart IP insights and advice
  • o Strong customer focus leading to high proportion of repeat business from our customers