Equipment in the lab
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Crystallics’ equipment includes:

  • Crystal16 parallel crystallizers (Avantium): multiple reactor station for solubility and metastable zone width of compounds.

  • Crystalline parallel crystallizer (Avantium): multiple reactor station for visualization of the complete crystallization process and particle size and shape information at the smallest scale.

  • MultiMax_CR parallel reactor system with Lasentec FBRM™ S400Q probe (Mettler Toledo): for particle size distribution and evolution studies.

  • High-throughput X-ray Powder Diffractometer (Bruker D8 Diffractometer with GADDS detectors): solid form identification

  • High resolution X-ray powder diffractometer (Bruker D8): crystal structure determination, variable temperature and humidity data collection

  • Single crystal diffractometer kappa CCD system (Bruker Nonius): for single crystal structure determination

  • DSC heat flux DSC822e (Mettler-Toledo): for melting point determination and thermal transitions identification

  • TGA/SDTA851e (Mettler-Toledo): for solid form nature identification (anhydrous, hydrate, solvate) and mass loss determination

  • Hot Stage Microscope DM2500 (Leica): for the observation and identification of phase changes such as melt, recrystallisation, desolvation or dehydration

  • Raman spectrometer Nicolet Almega XR (Thermo Fischer): for solid form identification and tablet mapping

  • FTIR Nicolet 6700 (ThermoFischer Scientific): for solid form identification and salt formation confirmation

  • 1H-NMR spectrometer 400MHz (Bruker): for determination of the ratio counter ion/free base or acid

  • Dynamic Vapour Sorption system (Surface Measurement Systems): for hygroscopicity measurements

  • HPLC HP1100 system equipped with UV, ELSD and MS detectors (Agilent): for purity check and solubility determination

  • Dissolution Instrument μDiss profiler (pION): for determination of intrinsic dissolution
  • Mastersizer 2000TM (Malvern): for particle size distribution determination
  • Freedom 200 Liquid Handling Robot (Tecan): for automated pipetting of solvents and solubility determinations

  • Autodose (Symyx technologies): for accurate dosing of solids in a variety of containers
  • SpectroStar Omega Multiwell Absorbance Plate Reader (BMG): for automated solubility measurements