About us

Solid form screening and selection, preformulation and formulation design are important and essential components to minimize risk in the development process.  Successful development of pharmaceutical products follows a path with many hurdles. Identifying the risks and making informed decisions early on in this process will reduce time to market and, in the end, maximize the return on investment.

For its pharmaceutical partners, Crystallics offers the highest quality services in form screening and selection, preformulation and formulation design using a unique combination of proprietary high-throughput, automated platform technologies, supported by state-of-the-art information technology which addresses our customers' needs in all phases of drug substance and product development.

For patients, Crystallics offers solutions to help create safe and effective products with optimal patient compliance and convenience.

For employees, Crystallics offers an entrepreneurial, international, stimulating and challenging environment where creativity and innovation flourishes and where quality is of upmost importance.

Crystallics is your partner to optimize your solid stare research, preformulation and formulation design to ensure speedy and successful pharmaceutical development.